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What Our Customers Say

“I appreciate the thoughtful support and tailored solution that was provided to us by the Erlanger agency. Bob Erlanger took the time to listen to our concerns and responded with several options to fit our budget and risk tolerances. I sincerely appreciate the support we have received.”

Annmarie K.

“Brandon, It was indeed a pleasure speaking with you as well. Your personal touch and patience while answering my endless questions was greatly appreciated. Again, Thank you so much. Sincerely Clara”


“Simply put, the Erlanger Agency did a great job with our Homeowners insurance policy. I never write these things, but I felt they deserved it.”

Danielle M.

“I had a wonderful experience with the Erlanger Agency. I recently moved to Ohio and needed to update a few insurance policies. They were extremely helpful and made everything so simple!”

Donna H.

“I am impressed with everything about this insurance company - from the ease of contacting people & being able to get quick answers, to the ability to access benefits (car rental, etc.)”

Kim H.

“Brandon Miller has been great to work with. ..he is very knowledgeable, prompt in responding to his customers, and demonstrates genuine care for his clients' concerns.”


“Between work and my family, I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to searching for a policy that would work for me. The Erlanger Agency made the process extremely quick.”

Lillian E.