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Relief and Hope To Local Young Woman Battling a Brain Tumor

In January 2009, at just 27 years old, Elissa Barajas was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. The tumor was stage 3-brain cancer in her frontal lobe. Before getting diagnosed, Elissa was a healthy and full of life young woman making plans to move forward with her career and planning her future.

From that day forward, everything changed for Elissa. Although she is very grateful to have recovered from two brain surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, she continues to struggle with a severely diminished quality of life. Her constant pains and everyday seizures have led to her loss of independence.

Elissa is aware that the small amount of tumor remaining will eventually begin to grow again and it will become more aggressive. She fights through every hardship with a positive outlook and appreciation for all the blessings surrounding her and our agency would love to support her as she continues to fight and give her a little bit of comfort in any way that we can.

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