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The Erlanger Agency and Local Women Struggling to Overcome Breast Cancer in the NEWS!

The Erlanger Agency, a family managed firm that offers insurance services and financial consultations to families and entrepreneurs throughout central Ohio, is announcing the launch of a charity event benefitting a local woman with breast cancer who has been the victim of a cruel injustice.


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The Erlanger Agency, a central Ohio firm offering asset protection services and financial planning assistance to communities in and around the Columbus region, is launching a charity event to assist Joyce Wells, a local woman with breast cancer who needs help to overcome a grave injustice.

58 year old Joyce Wells was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year. She has had two tumors removed, and is scheduled to begin radiation therapy this month. However, a week before Christmas, vandals awoke Joyce from her bed after they had destroyed the vehicles in her driveway, leaving her with no transportation, and therefore no way to receive the cancer treatment she desperately needs.

“This was a senseless act of violence against a wonderful grandmother who needs our help – we hope everyone in the area will pitch in and help us make sure Joyce receives the treatments she needs,” says Bob Erlanger, founder and executive manager of the Erlanger Agency.

To share Joyce’s story and gather assistance in ensuring she can receive her ongoing cancer treatments, Erlanger and his team are creating connections with area residents and promoting the charity event over social media and email. The Erlanger team will also be sharing Joyce’s story in the form of a full length feature article scheduled for release in an upcoming issue of “Our Hometown,” a monthly online magazine published by the Erlanger Agency:

More than a dozen charitable organizations and causes have been supported by the Erlanger Agency over the last two years. Erlanger and his team are proud affiliates of the “Agents of Change” charitable cause support network, and plan to continue finding new Columbus area nonprofit organizations to support on a bimonthly basis.

All those who want to be part of the community-wide charity event to assist Joyce Wells and ensure she is able to continue receiving her cancer treatments are invited to help her directly by following this link and taking action: Additional information on the growing number of regional charitable organizations that have been previously sponsored by the Erlanger Agency is available on the firm’s Community Causes roster:

About Erlanger Agency

As a Personal Financial Representative in Columbus, OH, Bob Erlanger knows many local families. His knowledge and understanding of the people in his community help him provide customers with an outstanding level of service. Bob and his team look forward to helping families protect the things that are important –family, home, car and more. To contact an expert at Erlanger Agency, call (614) 451-6600 or (614) 349-4499.